Welcome to the care revolution

Who are we?
elsa.care is a mission driven company aiming to help migrant workers take care of their family members back home.
How old are we?
The company was established in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, to help migrant workers in their care for their family members.
Where are we?
Our headquarters are registered in Madrid, Spain. However we have a global network of partners, agents and collaborators.

Our timeline

Company Information & Details

February 2021

Sales begin for EU-based Filipino migrant workers.

January 2021

First service agreement in Philippines with Insular Healthcare.

October 2020

Company registered in the Spanish registry

August 2020

Founding team established and elsa.care is born.



People insured in The Philippines.


Health-insurance provider partnerships in the Philippines.


Advocates across the European Union

Our leadership team:

Nacho Jimenez


Teresa Basterra

Head of Strategy

Luis Jimenez

Head of Partnerships

Alvaro Martinez

Head of Growth

Emilio Postigo

Head of Product

Laura Peco

Lead Designer