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Take care of your loved ones and have more control over your money

Send medicine, give them access to private hospitals, pay for their groceries and remit cash to The Philippines, all in one place.

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You are only 4 steps away from improving the well-being of those you love the most
1 Receive help petitions or send help to your loved ones
Start by sending them an invitation so they can ask you for something when they need it, for example: I need € 20 for breast medicines. From elsa we provide you with different solutions for the purchase of these medicines, always looking for savings.
2 Choose whether to pay for services or remit cash
When you receive a request, you can take a look at our recommendations as an alternative to sending cash. Once you’ve decided, choose the service or if you prefer, you can transfer them money.
3 Send and receive gratitude messages from them
All ready! Now you can use our chat to communicate with them and see for yourself how grateful they are for your help. Feel closer to home than ever!
4 Track your expenses
Keep track of what you spend thanks to automatic categorization. We analyze your expenses to give you useful predictions to help you plan ahead.

Take care of them, we’ll take care of you.

Your well-being and safety are our priority
You can also contact elsa at any time to request additional and personal assistance.
More options, keep control of expenses
We help you control your finances and your well-being, giving you recommendations on how to best use your money.
Call phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Thanks to the international customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we help you whenever you need it.

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Common Questions

What is Elsa?
Elsa is a cross-border care solution for forward-thinking migrant workers. Elsa allows you to buy take care of your family from a distance, while empowering you to chose how you want to help and keeping in full control of all spending.
Is Elsa suitable for me?
Elsa works with Filipino migrant workers from all over the world, across every country. What unites these Oversea Filipinos is that they’ve experienced the pain of sending money through banks and traditional remittance companies: high commissions and FX, no control over the allocation of your money and a failure to remember the importance of communication and caring for your loved ones.
How does Elsa work?
Elsa is very easy to use! Connect with your loved ones through us, receive their help requests from the Philippines in a structured way. Once you have received their petitions, you will be able to respond to these through the purchase of services, or remit cash back to your loved ones if this works better for both of you. This will allow you to have control over your expenses, and also plan for your the coming months.

Most important, Elsa will let you write to communicate with your loved ones through our platform enabling you to take care of them in a more personal way, and allowing them to channel their gratitude back to you.
Who is behind Elsa?
Elsa was founded in Spain during 2020's pandemic by a team of young, yet experienced startup builders. During these hard times, we all confronted the importance of cross-border care between families and our founders decided to launch a solution to help mitigate these issues, and bring migrant workers closer to their family and loved ones.
Read our story for more details.