Our Mission

Our mission at elsa.care lies in easing said cross-border family care dynamics, inverting the current situation, where money is at the centre-stage of the conversation, by putting care at the forefront of families and friends.

What brought us here?
Life experience.
As children, we love to observe our surroundings, while still feeling vulnerable to any external force. It is vulnerability and dependence that drives our emotional attachment towards those whom are by your sides when taking your first steps. When thinking about my childhood, I grew up under the care and protection of the Filipino diaspora - having made it a community I was always now close and fond of. My dearest memories date back to time near the Filipino community of Valencia, my hometown - What had started as one directional care and protection, resulted in long-lasting friendships that led to me partaking in endless Filipino community events, ranging from church services to karaoke nights.

As the years passed and naivety wore off, the curiosity about certain things I had seen as a child remained. Having seen and heard so much about their lives, I kept asking myself:
how could migrant families take care of each other from a distance?

As my engagement within the Filipino community increased, I began understanding the dynamics behind cross-national care - and intrinsically, I learned of the remittance market. I dug deeper on this matter, encountering the complexity and sourness involved in such long-distance family ties. Month-after-month, companies and agents took large chunks from my friends' hard-earned money, who had no other alternative than sending cash to cover their loved one’s recurring bills (education, utility bills, food, ...) but also their unforeseen events (medical emergencies, medication, ...). However, in the midst of said fog, a ray of hope arose - My incessant urge to seek understanding led me to find that the high levels of care for one another trespassed all barriers for these families. The efforts put into closing down the physical distance lead to successful family relationships and friend ties, forming cross-national communities.

Ignacio Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer

We want to create an ecosystem of care - a space to care for those who cared about us.

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