Receive help from your loved ones abroad.

With Elsa you can ask your loved ones for help whenever you need money, medicine, mobile top-ups and much more. By using elsa you will help your loved ones control their finances and save money when helping you from abroad.

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Everything is possible thanks to our heroes

Using elsa is simple and convenient!

1 Request Help
Tell your loved ones how much you need, what it’s for and they will receive an instant notification. Make sure to attach a message! This will help them understand the urgency and what they money is for.
2 Receive it instantly
You can access services instantly, no more waiting in line for cash remittances, use the time you saved to thank your loved ones through our chat.
3. Save them a lot of money!
With elsa, you'll be saving your loved ones overseas a lot of commission fees. They can later use this money to visit The Philippines.
Access elsa anytime, anywhere.
Access your medicine vouchers, airtime top ups, health insurance, grocery vouchers and much more from your your elsa account. And yes, it works on all devices!
Real-time help, free of comissions.
We know that money can be urgent, and we know OFWs lose a lot of money on fees because of this. That's why we do this free of cost.

We're here to help you.

Your well-being and safety are our priority
Our carefully handpicked partners ensure that you get the best possible products and experiences when receiving help from your loved ones. As well as this, we work with the best financial institutions to make sure your loved ones' money arrives safely.
Faster and more convenient for all.
Receive cash transfers from abroad almost immediately. You can also opt to request a voucher to spend on medicine, airtime, utility payments or groceries. Vouchers are activated and can be redeemed immediately.
We're here for you, 7 days a week.
Reach out to us with any doubts, concerns and issues you may have through our facebook chats, one of us will get in touch with you and help you with whatever you need.

It's time to sign up and see the benefits for yourself.

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Common Questions

What is Elsa?
Elsa is a cross-border care solution for forward-thinking migrant workers. Elsa allows you to buy take care of your family from a distance, while empowering you to chose how you want to help and keeping in full control of all spending.
Is Elsa suitable for me?
Elsa works with Filipino migrant workers from all over the world, across every country. What unites these Oversea Filipinos is that they’ve experienced the pain of sending money through banks and traditional remittance companies: high commissions and FX, no control over the allocation of your money and a failure to remember the importance of communication and caring for your loved ones.
How does Elsa work?
Elsa is very easy to use! Connect with your loved ones through us, receive their help requests from the Philippines in a structured way. Once you have received their petitions, you will be able to respond to these through the purchase of services, or remit cash back to your loved ones if this works better for both of you. This will allow you to have control over your expenses, and also plan for your the coming months.

Most important, Elsa will let you write to communicate with your loved ones through our platform enabling you to take care of them in a more personal way, and allowing them to channel their gratitude back to you.
Who is behind Elsa?
Elsa was founded in Spain during 2020's pandemic by a team of young, yet experienced startup builders. During these hard times, we all confronted the importance of cross-border care between families and our founders decided to launch a solution to help mitigate these issues, and bring migrant workers closer to their family and loved ones.
Read our story for more details.