Frequently asked questions


Send help

How can I send help?

You can send help to your loved ones by answering a petition from them or directly searching for the perfect product in the help station.
Either way, you can send vouchers to your loved ones so they can instantly go to the nearest store and purchase whatever they need, or send cash to their bank account that will arrive within one work day.

How can I answer a petition from my loved ones?

Your loved one will be asking you for help within a category, so you will be able to decide wether you want to answer that petition by sending a voucher so that they can use it in the nearest store or by sending them the amount in cash to their bank account in the Philippines.

How can I choose to send vouchers or money?

In the care station you can choose from any of the categories available (groceries, medicines, health or mobile load) and select from which store you would like to buy he voucher from. In case you want to send money, in one of the categories you have the option of money transfer that will automatically take you to the sending money process.

How can I pay for the vouchers?

Each time you buy a voucher you will need to pay the amount of the voucher with your credit card. At, we make sure that our systems comply with the highest security standards to ensure your payment safety.

Where can I view the petitions I received from my loved ones?

Pending requests can be access from the help station on top of the category selection. There you'll be able to see the list of all the pending request you may have from your loved ones.

How does my loved one receive the voucher?

Your loved one will receive an SMS to the phone number you provided with the information needed to use the voucher. You can locate the nearest store in our app.

Can we send help from everywhere? can be used in any region within the eurozone. If your country uses the euro (€) as an exchange currency, you can send help to your loved ones in the Philippines. Keep in touch as we will open new markets real soon!



Is using safe?

Absolutely! with buying online doesn’t get any safer. We’re taking comprehensive steps to protect you  from fraud and unreliable online merchants. That's why we only partner with the most reliable merchants in the Philippines to ensure a trustworthy experience that meets our strict requirements.

How will our data be protected?

Your privacy and security is very important to us, and our solution is designed to protect and prevent unauthorised use of your personal information. We employ security measures that include computer safeguards and protected files. We also have additional physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.

Is compliant with the EU GDPR policy?

We take data privacy very seriously. This is why we never share your data nor sell it to any third parties. We abide by the highest standards of data protections, the EU's GDPR policy. All your data will be safely stored so no one can access it.

Does have access to my account or sensitive information?

We only ask for the necessary information to be able to offer our services to help you support your family members. We work with the most secure providers in the market for the payment and handling of the money until it reaches your relatives in the Philippines, so we never access your bank details. It is the providers themselves, accredited and regulated by the De Nederlandsche Bank and the Bank of Spain, who ensure the protection of your data and its correct use. We also do not store login credentials or confirmation codes.

Use vouchers
What is an voucher?

An voucher is a great and easy way to make someone feel special. It's a electronic voucher with a unique code that your loved one can redeem at selected location.

Does the voucher expire?

Most of the vouchers we offer do not expire.
Please check the brand's reminders and/or terms if there are any conditions for expiry.

How does it get to my loved one and how long does it take to arrive? vouchers are delivered immediately to your loved ones via text message (SMS) once the order is approved (make take up to a few minutes).

What if the voucher code is lost? How can it be retrieved?

If your loved one has lost the code, email us at Indicate the mobile number to which the code was initially sent. The code will be re-sent after our support team has verified the mobile number.

Where can the voucher be used?

Your loved one can use the voucher at the locations of the store you have selected. The locations are usually all of the store's locations but can sometimes be selected stores as indicated in the voucher. You can search for the stores in the map.

Can my loved one exchange the voucher for cash?

No, vouchers can only be used in exchange for services or goods.

What does your loved one need to bring when using the voucher at the store?

Your loved one must provide the code to the store manager or entrusted staff for validation. The code may be shown through the mobile phone or printed out. They may ask your loved one to present a valid ID for record keeping purposes.

Product and services


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- What does this voucher include?
   - This voucher includes all available products at any Generika store.
- What are the exclusions?
   - This voucher does not exclude any products.
- Does it expire?
   - This voucher has no expiry date.
- How do I redeem it?
   - You have to tell the cashier it is a Medpadala voucher and show the PIN and CODE of the voucher you received via SMS in your phone.
- What if I don’t use the whole amount at once?
   - Do not worry, you can use the reminder in the next purchase.
- Where can I use it?
   - At any Generika store or franchise in The Philippines.

Mercury drug

Who can use this voucher?
- This voucher can be used by anyone who has the unique code, so be careful and don't show it to anyone before using it.
What does this voucher include?
- This voucher includes all products at any Mercury Drug store*.
What are the exclusions?
- This voucher may exclude some promotional items, please consult with the store manager.
Does it expire?
- This voucher has no expiry date.
Can they use this multiple times?
- No, this voucher can only be applied to one single purchase at PureGold.
What if I don’t use the whole amount at once?
The mercury drug voucher is for one-time use only.
- If the total value is not used up, there will be no cash change given.
- If the purchase goes beyond the voucher amount, the recipient needs to pay the excess amount.
Where can I use it?
- At any Mercury Drug store or franchise in The Philippines.