At we want to make your lives easier, which is why we have developed our platform to be simple and to the point! With you can send your family members back home medicine, give them access to private hospitals, pay their groceries, and remit cash, all in one place!

A new kind of care.

Here is a complete guide on how to use our platform! We have divided our post in a step-by-step guide for both filipino migrants sending help and filipinos receiving the help!

If you are a filipino migrant's loved one in the Philippines, scroll down to learn how to petition help through

Guide to as a filipino migrant

To start using our platform, both you and your loved one have to be registered so that you can send help to them directly! Once they are registered, they can petition your help through our platform!

To register, log in with your Facebook account and you are ready to go! Filipino migrant workers can then invite their loved ones to the app, so they can start making petitions!

Click on the “login” button where you will be directed to a page where you have to click “sign in with Facebook”, there you link your account and you are in! 

Once you log in, you will be directed to your care station, where you can send help to your loved ones without having a petition from them and where you can check your month’s expenses (how much help you have sent home throughout the month).

To invite your loved ones so they can make petitions, click on the “help” button at the top where you will see your pending requests and your history sent. Under pending requests you can invite your loved ones by clicking on the “invite” button where you will be directed to an invite page.

There, you have to fill out the name and number of your loved one. Once you have filled out the necessary information, click “invite”. 

Your loved one will get an invitation and will be able to quickly register. Once they are registered, you can start sending them help!

Once your loved one is registered, they will be able to fill out petitions to ask for your help, where they will put the necessary information: how much they need, what they need it for, and a personal message to you.

You will receive an SMS notification on your phone that looks something like this:

When you open the notification, you will have the breakdown of your loved one’s petition in a clear and simple way.

From there, you can choose to send them help in the form of a voucher for a service free of commission, in cash, or decline the petition by clicking “I can’t now”. If you choose to send your loved one a voucher for a service free of commission, click on “view voucher”.

If you have chosen to send your loved one a voucher for a service, you will have the option to choose a voucher for: medicine, groceries, mobile top ups, or access to private hospitals. Click on the one your family member needs.

As in this case Margarita has asked for medicine, we will click on “view medicine”. You will then be shown the different amounts you can choose to send your family, pick the one you feel is necessary for your family and add it to your cart.

We want to empower you by giving you the choice to select the one you feel best fits what they need. 

From there, click on “continue to checkout”, where you will be directed to the final step! Here, fill out the recipients information. You can also send them a personal message answering their petition, which they will receive to their phone as an SMS!

Once you have completed all this, click on “place order” at the bottom of the page. You will receive an SMS with the information and an email. Your loved one will receive an SMS notification with your personal message and with the code to their voucher, will all the necessary information for them to use it.

Lastly, but most importantly, once your loved ones have received your help, they will be able to send you thank you messages, which you will see in your thank you wall!

We want you to feel the love and gratitude from your loved ones back home, as you have worked very hard to help them.

To view your thank you wall, click on “loved ones” and then on “have a look!” 


Guide to as a loved one petitioning for help

If you are a filipino resident who wishes to petition for help from their loved one working abroad, you can either be invited by your loved one abroad or you can invite them!

To invite them, click on “ask for help”. Then, click on “get started”!

Once you’ve clicked on "get started", you will be directed to a page where you will be given options for what you need, you can choose between:

  • Health: emergencies
  • Health: doctor checkups
  • Medicine
  • Groceries
  • Mobile top ups
  • Money transfers

Choose the one you need!

From there you will be asked to fill out how much you need sent to you. Your loved one will then decide if they wish to send it to you as a voucher to use at the store or in cash.

After filling out the petition, you will have the option to attach a personal message to your loved one. Once you have written out a message, click on “send”! Your loved one will receive a notification with your clear petition and will soon answer.

Once your loved one has received and accepted your petition, you will receive a notification via SMS of their response. When they have sent you the necessary help, you will receive an SMS message with all the details.

Soon after your loved one has sent you the necessary help, we encourage you to send a thank you message to them through our chat to show them how thankful you are and how helpful they have been!


If any issues arise, please get in contact with us., a new kind of care