During the last three weeks we have been working on a brand strategy, an identity and we would like to share it with all of you.

A new kind of care

During the last three weeks we have been working on a brand strategy, an identity. We have been debating how our brand could help our company's purpose, how to bring it about with our current budget, how to measure our results, and much more. 

These have been wonderful and insightful conversations where the whole team has been involved, but it was of course also a process full of doubts over what a brand really is, how to activate it, and where to even begin.

Especially because “investing in a brand” is a difficult stage, where the focus has to shift from demonstrating the value of the product to “investing time into the brand”. From this focus shift is where many conversations regarding “what’s the point of having a good product if no one knows about it”, “how can we promote conversations” appeared, and slowly, she started gaining territory.

Investing three weeks to gain three months was one of our proposed metrics

Now, with three weeks, six people, a limited budget, and a minimum viable brand (MVB), where do we begin?

Understanding our clients.

What do they need? Where are they? What is valuable to them? The team at elsa.care put themselves in the shoes of their clients to experience their day to day life firsthand.

We were able to better understand these migrants that work extremely hard in order to provide for their families, sending money for medicine, groceries, or medical bills.

Focusing on how elsa.care could help facilitate this process is from where we established all the necessary contact points that were relevant and worthy for our brand.

Stipulating a mission that would guide us

A reason for which to be there when things got hard, a goal.

It ended up being a declaration of our intentions that would be reflected in the purpose of starting elsa.care, going beyond sales, focusing on the positive impact we could have on people, helping and providing migrants with the control and power of decision making.

Creating an identity that represented our vision

An identity that represented our intentions, our purpose; a voice and image that would present us to the world.

And alas, the final result!

A personal name, a person who represents and showcases our values. We landed on elsa accompanied with care, a trustworthy moniker that perfectly aligned with our ethos.

A signature based anagram: this is the union of two people, two smiles. Representing a union that makes both happy. Giving rise to a signature which guarantees that elsa.care is here every step of the way.

One of the first people who saw the anagram told us a beautiful legend about the red thread.

A bright color palette for a great consistent look.

A relevant typography which doesn’t go unnoticed, representing the impact we aim towards; being an inspiration for change, empowering people in their decisions, and the illustrations are inspired by regions and cultures where elsa.care is present.

An identity system based on trust and security from which our brand is born, that which that line connects.

A distinctive tone, one that is caring, educative, empowering, with a clear message, friendly, and appropriate.

We showcase our expertise with clarity, empathy, and honesty.